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It’s Dock Kitchen’s 5th birthday!!!! We couldn't think of a better way of celebrating than to revisit the first ever set menu and one of our most popular food destinations; Sri Lanka. We love Sri Lankan food and it's a country that Stevie has visited on several occasions. There is a fantastic depth of the flavours but a freshness and balance which epitomises the way we like to cook at the Dock.


For the full menu and details of past and future set menus click here

Over worked your wallet at the weekend? We've got a great offer to ease your guilt. Every Monday night, we offer a 3-course version of our set menu at the unbelievable price of £24.50 - plus a free glass of wine. Start the week the right way!

Monday Night at Dock Kitchen

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Photo by Peer Lindgreen


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Photo by Peer Lindgreen

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