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Until Saturday 6th September we will be cooking Polynesian food for our set menu. Kiwi sous chef Eliot, whose family originates from Fiji, has written a menu based on the food he grew up with. The influences on Polynesian cooking are far-reaching due to trade routes and colonialism however possibly the biggest influencing factors on Polynesian food are the remote location and the availability of produce - often preserved and canned goods are heavily relied on. We're using our top-notch locally-sourced produce to breathe new lift into some tradtional Polynesian dishes and we think the results are pretty delicious!


For the full menu and details of past and future set menus click here

Over worked your wallet at the weekend? We've got a great offer to ease your guilt. Every Monday night, we offer a 3-course version of our set menu at the unbelievable price of £24.50 - plus a free glass of wine. Start the week the right way!

Monday Night at Dock Kitchen

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Photo by Peer Lindgreen


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Photo by Peer Lindgreen

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