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Our daily menu runs during both lunch and dinner

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We run a fast changing menu with dishes coming on and off the menu on a daily basis. The menu is updated online once per week so may not be excactly the same as today's menu in the restaurant.


If the date you want is unavailable please call the restaurant on 020 8962 1610

Fattoush salad 8


Mexican octopus fideo 9.5


Terrace leaeves, mirabelle plums, roasted hazlenuts 9


Spinach maltagliati, braised beef, gremolata 8.5


Sea bass carpaccio, tomatillo, pistachio, aleppo chilli 10


Chicken livers, seven spice, pomegranate molasses 8

Grouse, fragolino grapes, red wine, watercress 38


Sirlion, roscoff onion, tomato, coco bianco 26

Pan fried chicken, pomegranate molasses, spiced bobby beans  24


Grilled sea bass, tabbouleh, tahini  26


Cod, octopus and clams fish stew  23


Trombetta squash, romanesco moilee, jasmine rice, pickle 17.5


Lamb biryani with rose petals, black cumin, coriander & almonds, cooked in a clay pot, sealed with dough  17.5 pp (minimum 2 people)

Tipsy cake, plums 8


Pistachio & nutmeg cake, saffron yoghurt 8


Chocolate, cultured cream, honeycomb, pistachios 7


Blackberry tart 7


Poached peaches, sweet yoghurt 7


Salted caramel ice cream 7

Our set lunch menu is priced at a very reasonable £18 for 2 courses and £22 for 3.


Fattoush salad
Labneh, spicied trombetta squash, hummus, flatbread
Spinach maltagliati, tomato, ricotta, marjoram 
Moilee of cod, jasmine rice 
Watermelon, rosewater yoghurt